Cardiovascular Health

Lutein Vitamins and Cardiovascular HealthJust like our eyes and skin, lutein is found in blood serum coursing through our entire body. The lutein present in blood serum helps improve arterial wall strength and reduce the risk of plaque buildup and atherosclerosis. The “Oxygenated Carotenoid Lutein and Progression of Early Atherosclerosis” study, better known as the Los Angeles Atherosclerosis Study, produced findings that showed higher levels of lutein present in the blood serum was positively linked with less thickening of arterial walls. With a simple lutein vitamin supplement, we can do a lot to improve our heart health and overall cardiovascular health according to this study.

Plaque buildup in the blood stream and inside the arterial wall is a very dangerous condition. Atherosclerosis is a major contributor to poor heart health in people today. This plaque buildup of fatty deposits can slow blood flow to vital organs and forces the heart to work that much harder to pump blood throughout our body. Coupling this with plaque buildup inside the arterial wall and the reduction in arterial wall strength that results is a sure recipe for disaster when it comes to cardiovascular health. Arteries can become partially blocked or even fully blocked by this plaque buildup, which will necessitate the immediate need for risky medical procedures to correct the situation. More lives are lost to poor cardiovascular health in the US than any other single cause.

The LA Atherosclerosis Study concluded that blood serum lutein levels are inversely associated with arterial wall thickness in humans. Also, lutein supplementation results in decreased arterial lesion size (-44%) and LDL oxidation (-78%) in mice prone to cardiovascular disease. And finally that lutein dose inhibits monocycle chemoattraction to oxidatively damaged arterial wall cells. In lay-man’s terms, plaque buildup is a direct result of harmful free radicals and oxidized cells being deposited in the arterial wall, and antioxidants like lutein vitamin supplements fight the ill effects of these free radicals.